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Top 5 Most Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Forget generic flowers and champagne, these gifts are entirely bespoke for an extra special touch!

What makes a great anniversary gift?

In our mind, a great wedding anniversary gift is one that shows the thought and intention behind it. Whether it costs hundreds or thousands, or literally costs nothing, it's all about the intention.

Of course, everyone is different and every relationship is unique - so it's important that we really take the time to get to know what our partner truly values and what means something to them - whether or not it does to anyone else! We can all probably think of anniversary gifts that really took our breath away, but also gifts that made us potentially question if our partner actually knew us at all.

The topic of 'love languages' are popular at the moment, and we think they can be really helpful in getting to understand partners in a deeper way, and actively seeking to show love to them in a way that they will actually feel.

Ultimately, deep down, we all truly desire to be fully known, and fully loved.

With that in mind, here are The Song Scribe's top 5 unique anniversary gifts that we believe will truly touch your partner's heart and show your love in a real, and profound way.

1) Bespoke, personalised song from The Song Scribe

We know, we know...blowing our own trumpet!! But we genuinely, sincerely believe that a personalised song is one of THE most incredible gifts anyone can be given - and especially for such a special occasion as a wedding anniversary.

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of listening to a beautiful piece of music that moves you deeply. Music just has that ability to transport us to another world in a way that isn't quite possible to explain.

But imagine listening to a piece of music that was written JUST for you! And even more than that, was commissioned for you by the one you love most in the world. There really is nothing else that we can think of that could be more unique, thoughtful and completely special than the gift of a personalised song.

At The Song Scribe, we stand for quality over quantity, and every single song that we write is completely unique and bespoke. You won't find any reused ideas - everything is personalised and written from scratch - literally no one else in the entire world will have the gift that you give to your spouse. It is utterly unique.

If you'd like to find out more, listen to examples of our work, and hear from previous clients, you can do so on our website at

Say more with the gift of song.

2) Bespoke, guided hike with Lost Sheep Guiding

What better way to spend your anniversary than up a mountain in the stunning Scottish Highlands?! OK, we know this might not be for absolutely everyone, but Lost Sheep Guiding offer completely bespoke, guided hikes all through the year.

Based in the Cairngorm National Park, Lost Sheep Guiding was founded by Matt Reynolds in 2021, and seeks to help people reconnect with nature which they believe is deeply healing, to step outside of their comfort zone, and ultimately, to change lives.

They are able to organise hikes specifically for your needs, and they really go out of their way to ensure that you have an incredible trip, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

If you'd like to find out more, please visit

3) Bespoke cake from Anna Baker Cakes

One of the most talked about elements of a wedding day is of course the cake! Why not relive your special day with a bespoke cake for your anniversary? Anna Baker Cakes specialise in rustic semi-naked wedding cakes, and bespoke celebration cakes. The cakes not only look stunning, but taste incredible too (we can personally attest to this fact!).

Based in the beautiful Cotswolds, Anna Baker Cakes was founded by Anna Baker (real name!) in 2018, and in addition to designing wedding and celebration cakes, Anna also offers services for a range of different events from intimate afternoon tea parties; hen parties; baby showers, and special birthdays, to larger occasions such as funeral receptions and wedding tea parties.

If you'd like to find out more, please visit

4) Bespoke illustration from Stephanie Cole Design

How about re-creating one of your and your spouse's favourite memories with a bespoke illustration from the wonderfully talented Stephanie Cole?

Or perhaps you could get your spouse's favourite poem or song lyrics illustrated for them?

Illustrator Stephanie Cole, works from her home studio near Stroud alongside her animator husband and little boy. From commissioned design work and large murals to her range of stationery, Stephanie's approach to surface pattern is versatile and simple but informative, taking inspiration from everyday, fleeting moments.

If you'd like to find out more about commissioning your own artwork, please visit

5) Bespoke gift from You

Ultimately, you know your spouse better than anyone else (or at least, you should do!). So, who better to come up with the most special, personalised anniversary gift, than you?! If you really don't know where to start, here are a few tips when trying to think about great gift ideas for someone special:

- think about your most treasured memories together (your wedding day could be a good starting place)

- think about the ways in which your spouse receives love (not just how you like to give it)

- think about all the things that you love about your partner

- try to remember times where your spouse has expressed an interest in something, or a desire to do a certain thing

- think about what you would want to say or do for your partner if fear, money or time didn't get in the way

- think about your spouse's favourite hobbies/past times / songs / films / colours / places

It's also worth remembering that sometimes, the greatest gift may actually be you. No distractions or excuses, but you being fully present and actively engaged in spending quality time with your partner. Love doesn't just magically grow or continue, it takes deliberate and selfless actions - daily. Remember, there's no 'wrong' or 'right' gift - it all depends on who it is for and who it is from. If you take the time to deeply consider what your spouse would love and appreciate, we are certain that you will touch their heart in a truly meaningful way.

Have suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments

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