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"The Song Scribe's service is amazing! Sarah was so easy and wonderful to work with, and the song is so beautiful, the first time I heard it, it literally made me cry."


Alistair & Josie

Dreamer of Dreams Artwork
Forever In Your Eyes Artwork

"Sarah was able to take what I shared with her and write a song that conveyed how I felt in a way that I could not articulate myself. When I listened to my song through for the first time, I felt incredibly emotional. This gift is totally and utterly unique, and everlasting.

I am SO excited to share it with my fiancée!"



"Even just listening to the rough draft of my song gave me goosebumps, it was so beautiful! Somehow Sarah managed to use words that I would have used myself to convey my love for my mum - so it really felt like it was me speaking directly and sharing my heart."   


Christmas Time Is Here - Final Artwork (Video).png

"The song was a Christmas gift for my family who were all thrilled with it, and have listened to it over and over. Sarah was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend The Song Scribe."



Songs are like a golden thread that weaves through our lives...from our very first breath, right to our last, songs journey with us - they transform us, celebrate with us and cry with us too. Some songs are part of our lives for a passing moment, and others for a lifetime - but regardless, they all leave their mark.

Let us help you create something that will truly leave a lasting impression - give the gift of a lifetime to your loved one today.

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